It's Unanimous... Little Elfie is a hit!

"The Night Before The Night Before Christmas by Jay Dee is an absolutely delightful book that I was privileged to read... I absolutely loved this book and the illustrations by Darren Geers are beautiful. It will be enjoyed by kids of all ages, and parents will especially love the 'surprise' at the end as it will open up a new conversation worth having during the holiday season."
-- Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

"Darren Geers illustrations are eye-popping, expressive and gorgeous — just look at the expression on Elfie’s face on the cover."
-- Children's Books Heal

"This is a book that you want to cuddle up with a homemade cup of hot chocolate and a gingerbread cookie and read over and over again."
-- Growing Book by Book

"Sure to become a Christmas classic with its message of Christian love and Christmas spirit, The Night Before the Night Before Christmas is a perfect gift for any child."
-- Books by Pamela Thompson

"I always find it a little difficult to add a new book to my Christmas collection because the classics are classics for a reason and they edge out all other books, often without competition. Today’s book however, is in the process of making its way out and I think it is worth a look."
-- Three Books A Night

"I give this book 5 stars, and nominate it for an AIA Seal of Excellence as an excellent example of a children’s picture book."
-- Tahlia Newland

"This book was an amazing thing to come across. It blends both the childhood love of Santa Claus with the Christian origin of Christmas perfectly."
-- Stephs Cheers and Jeers

"The Night Before The Night Before Christmas is a beautifully illustrated, timeless tale with a twist."
-- Frog On A Blog

"This is a sweet little story that just might bring a tear to your eye."
-- Hope Is The Word

"The Night Before The Night Before Christmas is a book every child should have. It is important, to me, to remember what Christmas is about while enjoying the innocence of childhood and Santa."
-- All About Baby's World

"This Christmas, pick up The Night Before the Night Before Christmas, create a new tradition, read this story to all your kids and be sure to do so every Christmas to come. I am sure they will love it and will want to read it for years to come."
-- OMG Goodies

"As a teacher, I can really appreciate the artwork that helps this book come to life. It's breathtaking and will capture your child's imagination."
-- The Funky Monkey

"The artwork in this book is captivating, vibrant and draws the eyes into the story."
-- Christian Mommy Blogger

"It made me cry a tear for real, as I sat and realized -- finally a children's book that is fun and cute, yet points (in a simple yet profound way) back to the true meaning of Christmas. In a day where the world is becoming all about ME ME... it is fantastic to see a book of this grand message! You & your kids will be impressed with the vibrant illustrations & a real on time message so needed today!"

"Little guy loved looking at the pictures as much as he loved the story."
-- Tabby's Pantry

"As soon as I opened to the first page I was whisked away to the North pole where a cute Elf named Elfie was hard at work making a toy train as perfect as can be. The story is all about love and reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas."
-- Seeing Dandy

"It was the illustrations that sucked me into The Night Before The Night Before Christmas... Once I read the story, though, I was completely hooked!!"
-- Window on The World

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